F400 extractor fan units with a large door for ease of maintenance and 40 mm acoustic insulation slab.



  • Galvanised sheet steel structure.
  • 40 mm acoustic insulation.
  • Backward curved impeller made of sheet steel.
  • Approved in accordance with standard EN 12101-3, with certificate no.: 0370-CPR-2358.
  • Changeable opening door direction thanks to its interchangeable hinges.
  • Adjustable in different positions.
  • Prepared for continuous work at 120 ºC.
  • Motor cover accessory (CM) supplied with fan.
  • Condensate drain.


  • Motors with IE3 efficiency for powers equal to or greater than 0.75 kW, except single-phase, 2-speed and 8-pole.
  • Class F motors with ball bearings and IP55 protection.
  • Single-phase 230 V 50 Hz and three-phase 230/400 V 50 Hz.
  • Working temperature: -25 ºC +120 ºC.


  • Galvanised steel sheet.

On request:

  • Special windings for different voltages.